Concrete Mixer Machine

Mini concrete mixer machine

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Drum type mixers – Tilting Drum type concrete mixers

Concrete Mixer Machine

7/5 Concrete mixer machine

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Concrete Mixer Machine

10/7 concrete mixer machine

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Concrete Mixer Machine with lift

Concrete mixer machine with lift

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Tilting Drum Mixers

Tilting drum mixer means the drum will discharge concrete by tilting downwards. It is rapid discharge process and used for larger projects. Rapid means it delivers concrete by gravity that is tilting the drum downwards because of this the concrete mix obtained will be not subjected to segregation.
But the mixing efficiency depends on some of the factors as follows:
Shape of the drum
Angle of the drum
Size of blades
Angle of blades
The only disadvantage of this mixer is sticking of concrete to bottom of drum. To overcome this a method called buttering of mixer is applied in which some amount of cement mortar is mixed in the mixer before mixing first batch of concrete.

Drum type mixers – Reversing Drum Mixers

Mobile Batching Plant

Mobile concrete batching plant

Reversing drum mixers are similar to non-tilting type mixers but in this case reversal of rotation takes place for different action mixing and unloading. The drum has two openings, one end is for pouring materials and other end is for discharge of mix. The drum rotates about its horizontal axis. The rotation of drum takes place in one direction for mixing and in opposite direction for discharging.Two different set of blades are arranged for mixing and discharging. They are suitable for dry concrete mixes.

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Pan type mixers

Pan type mixers consists a circular pan in which concrete is mixed. The mixing is done by blades which are arranged in star shape inside the pan.There are two types of pan mixers are available. In one case, the circular pan is constant and only star blades rotate about vertical axis of pan. In the other case, circular pan rotates while the blades are at static position.But in both cases, the mixing is efficient and concrete mixture is collected through central hole provided in the pan. The rotating star blades contains special blades called scrapper blades which will make concrete not to stick to the pan.The blades can also be adjusted in height so, there is no room for concrete to store in the pan. We can say among the all types of batch mixers pan type mixer are more efficient.

Continous concrete mixers

Continuous mixer, the name itself telling its duty that the loading, mixing and discharging of mix is continuously done until the work is complete or work break occurs. The loading of materials is done continuously by screw feeders.Continuous mixtures are used for very large projects such as dams, bridges, construction of high rise buildings, etc.

How does a concrete mixer machine work?


How to run a concrete mixer machine ?

Running a concrete mixer machine is simple, like any other machine it needs to be started, the of Engine operated concrete mixer machine there is a lever exactly like way the cars that used to start in olden days. And in case of Electrically operated concrete mixer machines there is simply a switch which needs to be switched on. Once the concrete mixer machine has started and mixture is loaded in the pan and the mixture is nicely mixed the mixture can be unloaded with the help of a steering which is again something similar to a car. And finally once the work is completed the concrete mixture can be turned off. For that there is a small lever which can be pushed to stop the engine and for electrical concrete mixer machine as you must already guessed simply switch off the switch.

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